The Underground Attic is an online vintage clothing retailer that strives to provide clothing that is as unique and beautiful, as it is ethical and eco-conscious. Every year Americans throw away an average of 68 pounds of clothing per person. By salvaging some of these impeccably-made garments, we are able to fight back a throw-away mentality, while allowing ourselves the freedom to dress how we want.

In addition to a strong belief in sustainability, The Underground Attic also hopes to supply both the clothing and the ideal, that what you wear should not stop you from doing!  Garments of byegone eras tend to be better made than their later mass-produced relatives, and thus we believe you can accomplish all you want in this life while wearing them.

The Story

The Underground Attic was started by Elizabeth Raphaelson in her days as a creative writing major. Her internship at the local newspaper inspired a student fashion blog which she wrote for weekly. When she started noticing that most of her favorite pieces she was photographing came from a byegone era, she decided it was time to throw her 1950's felt chapeau into the proverbial ring! 

She quickly transferred to a fashion design program where she was able to study costume history and vintage clothing of the past 100 years, which kindled a love for both fashion and history that bore the fruit of The Underground Attic. 

The Underground Attic boutique is located at 177 Main Street Studio, Oneonta NY.