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1814 Half Hoop Pearl Ring

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Transport yourself to the refined elegance of the early 19th century with this exquisite half hoop pearl ring crafted from 10 kt gold, dating back to July 1st, 1814. This timeless piece captures the essence of Georgian fashion, epitomizing grace and sophistication.

The delicately curved design of the half hoop is adorned with lustrous pearls, each one carefully selected to create a harmonious arrangement that exudes understated beauty. The 10 kt gold setting adds a touch of warmth and richness to the piece, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship of the era.

Wearing this ring is like wearing a piece of history on your finger, evoking the elegance and refinement of a bygone era. Whether worn as a cherished heirloom or as a statement of timeless style, this ring is sure to captivate hearts and minds for generations to come. Signed with date on inside of band in beautiful script. Box shown is just for display, but will come packaged in a different ring box.

Measurements are as follows: Size 7

Width of pearl band: 1/8"

Ring size:

Excellent – The piece shows typical, although minor, signs of wear. Pearls on either far end of band show some light wear under close inspection. This may be original (they are natural pearls and an organic look with pearls was often treasured) or might have happened over time. Wear is commensurate with age and priced accordingly.