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1880's Golden Mermaid Brooch

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Transport yourself to the opulent elegance of the late 19th century with this enchanting Gold-filled Brooch, a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and artistic flair of the Victorian era. Crafted in the 1880s, this magnificent piece captures the whimsical allure of the mythical realm with its depiction of a mermaid astride a gracefully arcing fish, both rendered in intricate detail.

At the side of this mesmerizing tableau is a captivating green eye, imbued with an almost otherworldly allure, evoking the mysteries of the deep sea. The fish, with scales gleaming in a radiant golden glow, seems to dance beneath her, carrying her on an ethereal journey through the waters.

Adding to its allure, this brooch features a cleverly designed spot, perfectly suited for the attachment of a charm or a delicate timepiece, allowing the wearer to personalize this already extraordinary piece with their own unique touch. Whether adorning the lapel of a Victorian blouse or strung on a golden chain as a pendant, this brooch is sure to captivate all who behold it, transporting them to a realm where fantasy and reality intertwine in a shimmering tapestry of beauty and imagination. (If you'd prefer to wear this as a pendant they do make converters or would be easy to have a jeweler add a loop.)

Measurements are as follows:

1.25" X 1"

Condition: Excellent – The piece shows typical, although minor, signs of wear. Minor wear to metal on front. Most darkening is on the back. Fish's mouth has a loop where there might have originally been a dangling charm. Priced according to all of this, as this piece is a rare design.