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1950's Faux Persian Turquoise Earrings

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Step into the elegance of the 1950s with these Victorian revival golden clip earrings, adorned with faux amethyst and faux Persian turquoise. Reflecting the era's fascination with historical revivalism, these earrings feature intricate golden settings that evoke the ornate craftsmanship of the Victorian era. The faux amethyst and Persian turquoise stones add a regal touch, reminiscent of antique jewelry prized for its rich hues and intricate detailing. Perfect for adding a touch of vintage glamour to any outfit, these earrings are a timeless statement of elegance and sophistication.

Measurements are as follows:

Length: 1.25"

Width of top: .25"

Condition: Excellent – The piece shows typical, although minor, signs of wear.